A Positive Spin on a Negative Outlook

I came across an article today that left me with mixed opinions, ‘5 Ways Diabetes Wreaks Havoc On Your Entire Life.’

Article link: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-13061/5-ways-diabetes-wreaks-havoc-on-your-entire-life.html

Initially, I started agreeing with the points, but as I read on, I realized the author was probably having a bad day because type 1 diabetes isn’t all that bad. The opinions are dark and negative and I admit, I have days where I can fully understand where they’re coming from. Today isn’t one of those days so I came up with a more positive spin on the 5 ways. I hope this way of thinking helps others as much as it helps me:

1. Diabetes is nonstop, 24/7.

When you’re in tune with yourself and you’ve managed diabetes long enough to know how your body reacts to things, you realize how much of your blood sugar fluctuations are within your control. Blood sugars can interrupt life at the most inopportune times, but it’s possible to take steps to prevent highs and lows. It’s hard work to keep blood sugars in a healthy range, but hey, that’s often the worst of our worries.

2. The pressure to be perfect is impossible POSSIBLE to endure.

The days of losing our vision, toes, kidney aren’t gone, but they are becoming increasingly distant. Blood sugar management systems have come a very long way and continue to improve. There’s almost no excuse not to take good care of yourself. From what I understand, you would have to seriously neglect yourself for a long time to endure severe diabetes complications.

3. We are constantly being graded.

I agree with all points here, the number on the meter can be stressful. The positive is we have a chance to correct the reading, whether that requires insulin or apple juice, and we can almost immediately feel better about it.

4. Diabetes can be very scary.

So can skiing down a mountain but you wont catch me being melodramatic about it (minus my 2nd green run, it took me a little while to get going lol). I’ve gone to bed expecting a blood sugar crash in the middle of the night and not once have I thought, “I hope I wake up.” If this has crossed your mind, you need a better diabetes care team to help you figure things out. There are some amazing resources out there.

5. You’re constantly defending yourself CREATING AWARENESS.

Unless they have a direct connection to diabetes, most non-diabetics don’t understand it. There are a lot of preconceived ideas of what diabetes is and I’m not too sure how or why people are misinformed, but there’s no sense getting upset about it. Spend a minute to explain what it is and raise awareness.

I may have diabetes, but diabetes does not have me!

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