About Me

I’m Ashika Parsad and I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) in October of 1994.

I’m an outdoor adventurer living in Vancouver, BC. I believe diabetes has led me to the most amazing people and the most beautiful places. I am currently studying Kinesiology to become a Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach for fellow outdoor enthusiasts. When I’m not in school or studying, I can be found in the mountains of coastal BC, pushing for a summit or camping next to an alpine lake while challenging my diabetes.

I wasn’t on any sports teams in school and I don’t come from an athletic descent. I don’t have a perplexing story of overcoming obstacles and attempting impossible goals. However, I’m ambitious and I tend to dream big. When I explore the internet for training, tips, motivation, and advice from fellow type 1 diabetics, they tend to come from an array of athletic abilities and backgrounds, allowing them to be successful pre-diagnosis and continue with their success post-diagnosis. I always thought there was a necessity of required skills to do exceptional things and to accomplish what the ordinary can not, that you need to be ‘gifted’ with the abilities to achieve said things. This was my belief and I stuck to it… until 2009, my very first hike in our local mountains.

I’m here to turn that way of thinking around. Whether you’re an adolescent or an adult, a type 1 of three years or 30 years, you can start right now by learning new skills to reach any goal – big or small. There is a minor list of requisites you need to get started, that includes: motivation and the willingness to learn. I’m a type 1 with a dream of creating awareness and helping like-minded individuals break barriers and preconceived limitations of type 1 diabetes. I plan to achieve these goals by reaching for tall summits and remote mountain ranges, while successfully managing my condition along the way.

I will show you a journey of acquiring new skills and safely exploring the terrain that surrounds us. I’ll share my successes, my rough days, and what pushes me to achieve my objectives; this includes diabetes management info, training, trips, gear, nutrition, etc. I hope this will inspire you as you follow your path, set goals, and discover your potential.