2018’s Ten Most Popular Hikes

2018’s Ten Most Popular Hikes (On This Site)

December 19, 2018  •  Thoughts  •  by Ashika Parsad

What did one snowman say to the other?
Is it just me, or does it smell like carrots out here?

It’s my end-of-year wrap-up and you know the drill.

I wasn’t able to spend too much time going over what I did this year – I did a lot of different things on and off the mountains. If you’re interested in keeping up with my adventures, I update my social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram) slightly more frequently than my blog.

I took two mountaineering courses earlier in the year, one was through the BCMC and the other was through the Canada West Mountain School. They each had their pros and cons and I learned slightly different techniques in both. A few major differences between the two are the cost (Canada West was quite a bit more expensive), the gear (Canada West provided most of the gear), and the group size (the BCMC had a huge number of participants). If intro courses are on your radar in the upcoming year, feel free to contact me and I can go over my experiences in more detail.

Two fantastic hiking guides came out this year and I had the opportunity to interview both authors, Stephen Hui (of 105 Hikes) and David Crerar (of The Glorious Mountains). Both books include a great amount of detail and would make for excellent adventure-planning in the new year if you’re interested.

Despite my lack of posting trip reports throughout the 2018 year, outdoor enthusiasts are still landing on my site for resources and information. These were the top 10 most popular trips (in order) on my blog:

In addition to the most popular posts, I checked analytics for pages that had the longest visits, All The Trip Planning Links saw the longest visits by a landslide – GREAT TO SEE FOLKS BEING SAFE OUT THERE!

I hope you had a great year!

Thank you, next.

– Ash

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