Pebble Creek Hot Springs

We recently did an overnighter at Pebble Creek Hot Springs.

I remember my first trip here I had trouble keeping my blood sugars up. We spent a day at the springs last Summer and between the heat and steep (but short) incline, my blood sugars kept crashing and I think I stopped for food and a blood sugar check every 5 minutes or so.

This trip was a little different with my new found ‘Kili’ legs. I used it as an opportunity to do some cross-training with a heavy pack. I carried my own gear including layers, water, diabetes supplies, sleeping bag, thermarest and food, and didn’t pawn it off on Ryan (lol).

Near the start of the trail, I picked up on low(er than comfortable) blood sugars (4.3 mmol) and corrected it with ShotBloks (these are heaven sent during a low while hiking). I continued on slowly and after taking a few short breaks and feeling stable again, we continued on our way until we reached the springs. We lucked out with the place to ourselves for the trip!

More thoughts on treating lows with ShotBloks, I find the carb count for ShotBloks is easy to track and control when correcting a low. I also find they leave me feeling more ‘full’ than Dex4 tabs or gels, so I don’t overeat. They’re great for a pick-me up or energy boost during outdoor activities and they don’t spike my blood sugars.

The hike out was tough on the legs with the heavy pack but I managed rather well with no bad lows. This was a well needed break!

Pics from this trip:

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