Evening Trail Run @ Belcarra Bay

With Kilimanjaro less than 3 months away, it’s time to amp up my training! Tonight was my first (of many) after-work trail runs. I wasn’t too sure how my blood sugars would differ from previous forms of exercise, but I had a rough idea. I picked a trail that was nearby and simple to follow – not too many hills and still a good workout.

Trail Stats:
Name: Admirality Point Trail
Difficulty: Easy
Time: ~1 hour + a long break to catch the sunset
Distance: ~5 km
Elevation Gain: Minimal

Blood Sugar Stats (mmol):
Before: 7.5
During: 7.9, 8.2, 8.9
After: 8.4
3 Hours After: 5.4

A few things to note, though my blood sugars were relatively steady, they did start to climb during the run. I did not eat a meal before my run, therefore, I was not able to push maximum effort. Because I didn’t have a meal before the run, my blood sugars will likely crash tonight (already at 5.4 with no meal or correction) – I’ll be keeping shotbloks, dex4, and a glass of apple juice within reach. It sounds like a bit of work but the post-run crash is well worth the workout, views, and lesson learned.

On my next run, on the same trail, I will have a pre-run meal + bolus (1.5 hours in advance) and test blood sugars accordingly. My assumption is blood sugars will stay the same as long as all other variables stay the same – steady blood sugars pre-run, good hydration, etc. – and I should be able to avoid the blood sugar crash. After that I will aim for the same results on a longer and more strenuous run.

Wish me luck.. well.. good blood sugars!

86 days to go!!

Some views from my run:

Admirality Point Trail   Admirality Point Trail   Admirality Point Trail   Admirality Point Trail



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