Monday Motivation, Vol. 5

A Top 10 Hikes List

Well, we’re about 2ish weeks away from September. I know, I’m as surprised as you are. Where did the time go?! I was wondering what I could offer in terms of motivation today (I’ve been studying for final exams lately – I could use a bit myself!), and I thought to run through my website analytics to share the most popular trips so far this summer. You can use this list to plan your own trips for the upcoming week, weekend, or any time before the summer comes to a screeching stop.

Here are links to the ten most popular hikes on my blog, in order of views, from June 21st (the first day of summer) until now:

  1. Three Brothers via the Heather Trail, Manning Park, BC.
  2. Sawblade Falls, Burke Mountain, Coquitlam, BC.
  3. Blanca Lake, Squamish, BC.
  4. Sigurd Creek Trail to Crooked Falls, Squamish, BC.
  5. Eagle Peak via Swan Falls Loop, Anmore, BC.
  6. Flat Top Mountain, Hwy 3, BC.
  7. Omega Mountain, Tantalus Range, Squamish, BC.
  8. Viola Lake, Downton Creek, BC.
  9. Illal Meadows & Peak, BC.
  10. Evans Peak, Golden Ears Provincial Park, BC.


Note, these trips range from moderate to very difficult. They take a solid amount of planning and require a decent fitness level; some trips also require technical gear. Be sure to take the 10 essentials (and know how to use them), share a trip plan with a friend or family member, and do your research before heading out.

A little while back, I wrote a post that includes a number of online resources you can use for your trip planning purposes (All the Trip Planning Links You Will Ever Need). Have fun planning and be safe.

Happy trails!


– Ash


2 Comments on “Monday Motivation, Vol. 5

  1. Ugh. Stop blowing up all these places… watching these posts make so many spots SO busy 🙁

    • Hi Max, whether people find these spots through blogs, websites, word of mouth, or guidebooks, more traffic on local trails is inevitable due to the uptick in outdoor recreation. I’m stoked to see more people being healthy and putting in the time and physical effort to find these public and beautiful spots. If you want unpopulated trails, I suggest you stop trolling and start looking harder and working harder.

      Happy trails 🙂

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