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Mondays Need More Mark Manson

Well, it’s a beeeautiful Monday morning, and I’m sitting inside with the blinds and windows closed to study for upcoming tests and wrap up a few assignments. Ah, the Summer semester. The downside, I get bogged down with school work on days like this and I tend to free up my schedule just in time for a grey and rainy day outside. The upside, I’ll finish my degree sooner than later. Read More

Back to the Basics: Why I Hike

I’ve got a simple one-liner to explain why I hike, but first I’ll get into the background story as to why the thought even crossed my mind lately.

Ryan and I were in the North Shore mountains this weekend. We explored the full Dreamweaver trail (details coming soon); between the first 2km and the last 2km of trail, we didn’t see a single soul. Let me elaborate, it was a gorgeous, hot, sunny day in a popular area, and we didn’t see fellow hikers for most of our hike. I know, crazy. Read More

Trip date: April 2, 2017

Spring gives us the unique chance to participate in winter and summer activities at the same time; if we feel like skiing or snow-camping, we can, and if we feel like avoiding the snow and indulging in some greenery, we can. When the weather starts to warm things up, the valley floor is the first thing to clear and local waterfalls usually start working their magic, tempting us to leave the snow behind. The Four Cascades Loop (from Lyle Litzenberger’s Burke and Widgeon – A Hiker’s Guide) gave us what we were looking for. We completed a loop of four waterfalls involving Harper Road, The Coquitlam Lake View Trail, the Sawblade Bike Trail, and Woodland Walk Trail. We completed the loop in a counter-clockwise direction; for a more demanding hike with steeper uphill terrain, you can complete it in a clockwise direction.

The Four Cascades in order: Read More