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June 11, 2016

Ryan and I planned for either a long day trip or a short hike, weather pending, somewhere along the Downton Creek road. With forecasts showing either rain or snow in most areas, we decided conditions on our drive up would determine what we would hike: Viola Lake.

Viola Lake is a gem of a lake reached by crossing an old cutblock, subalpine forest, and alpine meadows. It offers views of glaciers and steep slopes of surrounding peaks.


Distance: 6.8km (round trip)
Cumulative elevation gain: 587m
Trail type: Out-and-Back
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Trip date: May 21-22, 2016.

You know there’s a May long weekend coming up when your local MEC is jam-packed with customers, loading up on camping gear and supplies, on a Wednesday evening. May long weekend holds a special place in our hearts; it sort of kicks off the camping/hiking season and, like bears, we come out of our hibernation and head outdoors to soak up the warm sun and bright blue skies over the course of not two, but THREE days. Not this weekend though, forecast showed rain, snow, overcast skies, and cool temps for most of it.

Long weekends around Vancouver can be a little problematic. In my experience, they bring crowds of people to all corners between Manning Park and Pemberton (and beyond). If weather is the slightest bit iffy, you can expect crowds at all the major huts/shelters. Based on the combo of a location the regular crowd likely hasn’t heard of, a long drive, and questionable road conditions (possible snow, downed trees, etc.), Ryan and I decided to head to the Birkenhead area to check out Mt. Ronayne. Read More

When you spend enough time in the mountains, you acquire a very distinct mindset; the way you think and see things start to change. Over time, we’re all the wiser through our experiences.

Here is a list of 20 things, I think we can all agree upon, only adventurers would know:

1. The 5 second rule is extended to at least 30 seconds when you’re outside and any food is dropped on the ground.

2. We’re not all a bunch of minimalist, vegan hipsters.

3. We’re also not a bunch of sodium crushing, nutrient processing, radical anti-government activists either.

4. We live and die by John Muir quotes; you know the ones: Read More