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September 25, 2016

Despite the heavy traffic, Garibaldi Lake is awesome. Whether you’re trying to impress your social media feed with your back-to-nature simplicity, or you’re wholeheartedly looking to get out for some fresh air, exercise, and solid views, a hike to Garibaldi Lake makes a lot of people happy. Trail users and park frequenters love the area. Have you ever seen someone along the trail not smiling? – I mean, after the 6km junction of course. Because before then, the switchbacks give little reason for anyone to smile. Seriously though, the place is a gem and people know it… and apparently this is a bad thing.

Garibaldi Lake is a well documented hike; you can find information on it in all corners of the internet – so I wont get into a comprehensive break-down of the stats, though you can find some further below (don’t worry, there are photos too). Instead, I’m pretty eager to share observations we made on a trip to the lake, especially with the latest spotlight on the park, and the recent media bash on hikers ruining our trails and ‘killing’ bears. Read More

Trip Date: July 16, 2016

The Heather Trail to Three Brothers is easy and open terrain; including a rocky summit, subalpine meadows & gorgeous wild flowers, and views that extend a ways into the Cascade Range… apparently. We were hiking in a cloud all day and didn’t see the extended views.

Ryan’s been looking to show off Manning Park’s wild flowers for a few seasons now and this was the weekend to do it. The forecasted weather was ~17 degrees, a bit of rain in the morning, and overcast skies throughout the day. It ended up being quite a bit cooler, windy, and a bit more rainy. As for the wildflowers, they hadn’t quite peaked yet, but they were STUNNING and well worth the trip.

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Well, it’s Sept. 1st, Starbucks has their pumpkin spice latte on board, Garibaldi Provincial Park may receive a cumulative 1.4cm of snow above 2000m in the next 10 days, and I wore Ryan’s down jacket AND carried an umbrella to run errands today. Yup, summer is coming to an end – the weather says so, Starbucks says so, and so say my last few (4 to be exact) days before classes start.

We’ve been out in the mountains most weekends this summer, but I haven’t posted any new trips in quite some time. I have a lot of quarter to half-completed posts in the queue; part of the reason why it’s taking so long is because it’s a daunting task, and part of the reason is because it’s been awesome just getting out and doing things, and not focusing on the details and pics in the aftermath. That said, I have a lot of ‘inside’ days coming up so I’ll be able to get to the posts over the next few weeks. Read More