2017’s Most Popular Hikes

2017’s Most Popular Hikes (on this site)

Congratulations! You did it. You have approached the year’s end. Where did all that the time go? Majority of my time was spent at school this year; studying, doing homework, and all that good stuff. It’s been a tough one for sure.

To start wrapping up the year, I went through my website analytics to learn which trips were the most popular throughout the year. I’ve slacked, big time, on reporting trips this year, and my lack of posts has reflected in the stats I’m about to show you – most are from subsequent years.

If you tend to hibernate in the winter, you can use this list as inspiration to plan next hiking season’s trips.

Without further ado, here are the ten most popular hikes on my blog, in order of views, from January 1, 2017 to now:

  1. Sawblade Falls, Burke Mountain, Coquitlam, BC.
  2. Blanca Lake, Squamish, BC.
  3. Sigurd Creek Trail to Crooked Falls, Squamish, BC.
  4. Golden Larches, Frosty Mountain, Manning Park, BC.
  5. Three Brothers via the Heather Trail, Manning Park, BC.
  6. Pebble Creek Hot Springs, Pemberton, BC.
  7. Eagle Peak via Swan Falls Loop, Anmore, BC.
  8. Iago Peak Snowshoe, Coquihalla Hwy, BC.
  9. Omega Mountain, Tantalus Range, Squamish, BC.
  10. lllal Meadows & Peak, BC.


Note, these trips range from moderate to very difficult. They take a solid amount of planning and require a decent fitness level; some trips also require technical gear. Be sure to take the 10 essentials (and know how to use them), share a trip plan with a friend or family member, and do your research before heading out.

A little while back, I wrote a post that includes a number of online resources you can use for your trip planning purposes (All the Trip Planning Links You Will Ever Need). Have fun planning and be safe.


Happy trails!


– Ash

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