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Last updated: November 18, 2018

Trip Planning Resources

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Everyone has their own method to the madness of trip planning – some plan extensively, some don’t see the value in planning, and some may not know how or where to start. There is an abundance of information available online to help you decide where to go, when to go, how to pack, and more. I can’t comment on the accuracy of the sites out there, but I do have several go-to sites I like to check out for local updates and area-specific conditions before heading out. Personally, Ryan & I have dozens of links and webcams we pull up when making plans – especially during periods when weather can be marginal. And this was pretty much how we came up with the idea of creating this post – instead of googling different things for different areas, we decided to create a one-stop shop of links and resources for various adventure needs.

About Trip Planning Links

Ryan and I have compiled two charts of informational links, weather forecasts, webcams, and more to help plan trips and stay safe in the outdoors all year round. This is the product of years of bookmarking and Ryan’s experience as a North Shore Rescue member. These links are for you if you:

  • generally know your way around the outdoors (what to take, how to stay safe).
  • understand FSR and trail conditions can be ever changing in some areas.
  • are looking for up-to-date information on a particular area within the South Coast of BC.
  • are experiencing a season change and need information on current conditions.

First, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of South Coast webcams and condition links to help you understand current weather conditions to help with trip planning. Next, we’ve compiled a second table of related outdoors links that you may find interesting and informative for your adventures, be it hiking, camping, backpacking, skiing, 4x4ing, kayaking, etc.

If you have an idea of where you want to go, or you’re trying to decide between regions, Chart 1 offers additional information on current trail conditions, snow/avalanche updates, and recent trip reports. It also provides a definitive list of South Coast webcams to enable you to check (very close to) real-time conditions at or near your destination of choice. This chart is based on regions in southwest BC. Once your regional planning is done, you may need more information on outdoors-related topics. You’ll find an abundance of information on Chart 2, including snow/avalanche conditions, general weather forecasts, Northern Lights forecast (and where to go for optimal viewing), club/forum links, and beyond. Chart 2 contains a comprehensive list for those in the Lower Mainland/South Coast of BC.

If we’ve missed any links or if you have any suggestions for improvement, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Chart 1: Webcams and Condition Updates
Lower Mainland
 Downtown/North Van
 Canada Place/North Van
 Downtown/West Van
 UBC/West Van
 Jericho/North Van
 English Bay
 Deep Cove
 Cypress Mountain×768×768
 Grouse Mountain
 Mt. Seymour
 Trail & Conditions Updates:
 Burke Mountain
 Tri Cities Area
 Mt. Seymour trail report
 Cypress Mtn trail report
 Avy Forecast
Sea to Sky
 Sea to Sky Gondola
 Squamish (downtown/Chief)
 Squamish (Smoke Bluffs)
 Squamish (Chief)
 Squamish (Downtown/Garibaldi)
 Squamish (Tantalus)
 Squamish (Squamish Valley)
 Squamish Chief Cam & Weather
 NAV Canada – Squamish
 NAV Canada – Cheakamus Canyon
 Brohm Ridge (BTSC)
 Callaghan – Biathlon Range
 Callaghan – view to Brandywine/Metal Dome
 Callaghan – view South
 Trail & Conditions Updates:
 Garibaldi Trail Report
 Sea to Sky District FSR Conditions
 Avy Forecast
Whistler & Pemberton
 Whistler (Olympic Plaza)
 Whistler Blackcomb – mountain cams
 NAV Canada – Whistler
 NAV Canada – Pemberton
 Pemberton  Meadows
 Pemberton – Big Sky Golf
 DriveBC – Duffy
 Trail & Conditions Updates:
 Garibaldi Trail Report
South Chilcotin, Bridge River Valley, Lillooet, Lytton
 South Chilcotin
 Gun Lake
 NAV Canada – Lillooet
 Lytton to Lillooet
 Trail & Conditions Updates:
 South Chilcotin Trail Report
 South Chilcotin – Other
Fraser Valley, Hemlock, Crowsnest Hwy, OR East
 Sasquatch Mountain Resort
 NAV Canada – Hope
 NAV Canada – Manning Park
 Trail & Conditions Updates:
 Manning Park Trail Report
 Avy Forecast
 Chilliwack District FSR Conditions

Chart 2: Snow, Avalanche, Weather, Water, Sky, FSRs, Wildfires

 Online Trip Plan

Snow – Depths and Forecasts
 BC Automated Snow Pillow Data
 NOAA Snow Depth
 Ski Hill Snow Reports
 Snow Forecast and Freezing Levels
 Whistler Snow Report
Avalanche –  Forecasts, Conditions and Information
 ACMG Mountain Conditions Report
 Avalanche Canada
 Avalanche Canada’s Arfi
 Online Avalanche Course
 Wayne Flann Avalanche Blog
Weather – General Forecasts
 Accuweather (Whistler)
 Government of Canada (Whistler)
 Mountain Weather Forecast
 North Shore Alpine Forecast (RWDI)
(scroll to bottom)
 The Weather Network (Whistler)
 Weather Underground (Whistler)
YR Weather
Weather – Other
 Cliff Mass Weather Blog
 Mountain Forecast
 Rescue Dynamics Weather Links
 Weather Station Archive
 Wind Map,48.44,1701/loc=-122.845,49.275
 Whister Blackcomb Weather System
 Whistler Weather
 Flood Warnings & Advisories
 Real Time Hydrometric Data
 Tide Forecast (Squamish)
 Aurora Forecast
 Clear Sky Charts
 Dark Sky Finder
 Real Time Lightning Map;r=0;t=3;s=0;o=0;b=;n=0;y=49.6942;x=-122.8077;z=7;d=2;dl=2;dc=0;
Forest Service Roads (General)
 FSR Updates
 BC Wildfire Status
 Canadian Wildland Fire IS
Clubs/Organizations/Online Forums
 ACC Vancouver
 BC 4×4
 4×4 Rescue and Recovery Group
 Cascade Climbers
 Friends of Manning Park
 Live Trails
 North Shore Hikers
 Ridge Meadows Outdoor Club
 Tetrahedron Outdoor Club
 Trail Peak
 Vancouver Trails
 BC Hydro Rec Sites
 BC Parks – Reservations
 Drive BC Road Conditions,-123.51928710937501
 GPS Coordinates from Smartphone
 How to Kill Yourself Snowshoeing
 iMap BC
 Mountain Aerial Photography
 Online Trip Plan
 Open Street Map
 Recreation Sites and Trails BC
 Sharphooks – Fishing Reports
 Strava Global Heatmap
 The 10 Essentials

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  1. Nice list of links. I quite like (if it comes up in Norwegian, there’s a place to select language in upper right).

    Just type in (say) Vancouver and you will find a wealth of data. It seems to use different models from Environment Canada. I like that is gives wind speeds and directions.

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