High Falls Creek Trail, Squamish, BC

Trip Date: March 21, 2015

Ryan and I recently decided to check out the High Falls creek trail in Squamish. This hike has been on my to-do list for a while now and I was stoked to get it done.

Prior to hiking the High Falls creek trail, I had zero experience photographing waterfalls. On our way to Squamish, I thought to brush up on my waterfall photog skills and skimmed through a few sites online. I found this blog to be the most helpful:


Along Squamish Valley road, I took a few practice shots using various slow shutter speeds on my camera.


Area: Located in the Squamish Valley, Squamish, BC.
Objective: High Falls

Cumulative elevation gain: 524m
Round trip distance: 8.59km
Trail type: Loop
Nearby hikes: Squamish Valley gives access to countless trails.
Good to Know: This is a great hike with varied terrain. From a flat meandering path to steep scrambly sections with chains and braided ropes. One of my favourite things about this hike was the thundering force of tumbling water heard throughout the day as we hiked along a steep walled canyon.

Google Earth View & Elevation Profile


Directions from Vancouver:

  1. Drive north on Highway 99 to Squamish Valley road.
  2. Turn left onto Squamish Valley road.
  3. Continue left at the Paradise Valley road junction.
  4. Continue straight after the road turns to gravel.
  5. Continue straight past the Ashlu road junction (on the left).
  6. Drive past the hydro power project (on the right) and cross the first bridge.
  7. Park in the pull out just before the secnd bridge; the trailhead is found just after the bridge on the right hand side.

The Hike

The first part of the trail followed through a lush, moss-filled forest.

Immediately after the first steep section, we came across the first set of chains which had been put in place to help hikers up the bluffs.

We maintained a leisurely pace and stopped at every possibly view point/photo opportunity.

Up next were more scramble sections with braided ropes. The ropes were not absolutely required as there were plenty of hand and foot holds.

Partway up, there was a junction with a small spur trail on the right, which lead us to a partial viewpoint of the falls. We were careful of our footing as we were at the edge of a cliff. From here, the trail turned away from the canyon, back into the forest and meandered through moss covered rock.

The trail climbed through the forest until we reached a second junction; there was a sign labeled ‘viewpoint’ for the High Falls.

We wandered along the trail. A familiar vibration appeared in the air; this time, more powerful than before. The buzzing transferred to the ground beneath our feet. It travelled through my body and I felt a tingle run up my spine and through to my fingertips. I rounded the corner and the source of the sound revealed itself.

As we inched closer, the sound of the cataract increased. It growled at us as it tumbled down the mountain and foamed into lather at the base.

We stopped for a while to admire the falls. After taking several pictures at different shutter speeds, we packed up and made our way up the final steep section of the trail.

At the top of the last scramble, the trail leveled off in the forest. We took a shortcut through an old cutblock to connect to the High Falls Creek road (Branch 200 of the Squamish Valley road); from here, we made our way back to the truck. At this point, it started raining heavily enough to put on rain gear.

After descending Branch 200, we rejoined the Squamish Valley road, about 2km away from the truck.

Though this wasn’t a very intense hike, I enjoyed the varied terrain and unique views of High Falls creek. There’s something unsettling about being so close to the raw power of cascading water, as it cuts through a deep gorge. Each time I looked over the edge and into the canyon, I felt a rush of excitement and nervousness.

This Squamish classic is ready for spring hikers. With our recent heavy rainfall, it’s the perfect time to check out the falls. Though it’s a short hike, it’s perfect if you’re looking for something snow-free with beautiful views.

Pack List

The 10(+6) Essentials
1L of water
Day pack
Hiking boots
Camera + tripod

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  1. Thanks so much for the plug!

    This looks a beautiful walk. Some great photos here. Jealous! 🙂

    – Alex

    • Alex, no worries at all and thank you :). After our hike, I spent some more time going through your site. You’re a very talented photographer and your pics are stunning. Thanks for sharing great advice/tips through your blog.

  2. Hi…haven’t heard of this one. I like that you don’t have to go down the chain & room assists. Great article.

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