Monday Motivation, Vol. 2

Mondays Need More Mark Manson

Well, it’s a beeeautiful Monday morning, and I’m sitting inside with the blinds and windows closed to study for upcoming tests and wrap up a few assignments. Ah, the Summer semester. The downside, I get bogged down with school work on days like this and I tend to free up my schedule just in time for a grey and rainy day outside. The upside, I’ll finish my degree sooner than later.

Ryan & I had an easy weekend of running errands and getting things together for our cabin. We were pressed for time to get outside for anything major; on Sunday we hiked to Norvan Falls (the most senseless hike in North Vancouver) and completed the Lynn Loop (I recommend it).

Now, what’s a solid day’s work without a tiny bit of procrastination? I’m currently taking a break to read through some of Mark Manson’s archives. Funny thought, I think Mark Manson is a great writer and I love his ideas, but on Mondays he seems especially brilliant. Here’s a list of my favourite articles:

Screw Finding Your Passion

Stop Trying to Be Happy

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

In Defense of Being Average

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and have a great week!




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