Evans Valley Snow Caves

I’ve had my eye on this trip for a few seasons. Evans Valley in Golden Ears Park is known for its snow cave formations during the spring melt season. Best time to see them is supposed to be mid June to mid July. I’m usually too early and don’t have time to get back in the area before they’re gone. Considering the Winter we’ve had, snow melt seems to be a month ahead of schedule in a lot of areas. We assumed the same for Evans Valley and headed out last Sunday morning.

We hit snow at about 630m elevation. The snow was hardpacked and no one postholed, I used microspikes but they weren’t necessary.

Views on the way up:


First cave:

Second cave:


More views:

Hiking up an avalanche chute & sliding down:

It was an eventful day and my blood sugars stayed steady. My lowest reading was 4.7mmol at the start of the hike and my highest was 9.4mmol. We stopped every now and then for a quick snack break. It was hot out and I went through 3 litres of water throughout the day – this was crucial to keep my blood sugars steady.

– Ashika

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