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The above photo is of a sunrise taken along Seymour Road, located in the Mt. Seymour Provincial Park, BC. This moment is symbolic of the new year ahead; new goals, new ambitions, and a new start.

Well, it’s that time of year again, where I spend a some time to reflect on the past 12 months. It’ll take way too long to summarize the year, a lot has happened! With the help of friends and family, I’ve started building my brand as ‘Adventures of a T1D‘ and designed an awesome logo. I met incredible people and I’ve had the opportunity to work with several teams (including Animas Canada, 2XU Canada, and Duck Mountain Outdoors) to help promote diabetes awareness. Most importantly, I was able to connect with countless people who inspire me to try harder, push forward, and keep challenging myself. Read More

November 28, 2015

Ryan and I attended the annual North Shore Rescue Christmas party at Grouse Mountain’s Altitudes Bistro on Saturday evening. With the great weather forecast (clear skies and a temperature inversion), we took advantage of our starting position; after the party, we grabbed our packs and hiked out to Thunderbird Ridge for a winter camp and sunrise.


This is an easy hike/snowshoe in the Grouse slackcountry with views of the Lower Mainland and beyond. Pros

  • Elevation gain: ~200m
  • Distance: 5.8km
  • Pros: Low avalanche risk in the winter & well trodden/marked winter route Read More
Trip date: November 11, 2015

I assume everyone’s caught up with the good news we’ve had lately, there’s a bunch of snow accumulation in the mountains. Ryan and I planned to get out somewhere on Remembrance Day, we decided to stay nearby and head up First Pump on Mt. Seymour. This is a local hike in the Mount Seymour Provincial Park, located in the North Shore mountains. The trail gives you quick access to alpine and great views of Vancouver and the surrounding mountains.


  • Elevation gain: 848m
  • Distance: 9.04km
  • Pros: Low avalanche risk in the winter & marked winter route

Read More