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I was in a Sport Sociology lecture on Sport and Disability, and I’m keen to share a few lingering thoughts with fellow Type 1s.

During the lecture, we talked about society and disability; specifically, how society shapes how we see things, how we think, and how we perceive disabilities. How we view disability is portrayed through a ‘grand narrative’.

Grand narrative: General theme through which a story is written or shaped.

I’m usually quiet on the topic of disability in context with anything, because I’m not 100% sure of my thoughts on it. I stayed quiet and observed through the duration of the class. There were minimal heated discussions and/or strong opinions, we watched a few heartfelt clips about the Paralympics, a young boy with cerebral palsy, and two TED talks by Aimee Mullin; yeah, it was a tear-jerking morning. Read More

September 25, 2016

Despite the heavy traffic, Garibaldi Lake is awesome. Whether you’re trying to impress your social media feed with your back-to-nature simplicity, or you’re wholeheartedly looking to get out for some fresh air, exercise, and solid views, a hike to Garibaldi Lake makes a lot of people happy. Trail users and park frequenters love the area. Have you ever seen someone along the trail not smiling? – I mean, after the 6km junction of course. Because before then, the switchbacks give little reason for anyone to smile. Seriously though, the place is a gem and people know it… and apparently this is a bad thing.

Garibaldi Lake is a well documented hike; you can find information on it in all corners of the internet – so I wont get into a comprehensive break-down of the stats, though you can find some further below (don’t worry, there are photos too). Instead, I’m pretty eager to share observations we made on a trip to the lake, especially with the latest spotlight on the park, and the recent media bash on hikers ruining our trails and ‘killing’ bears. Read More

Trip Date: July 16, 2016

The Heather Trail to Three Brothers is easy and open terrain; including a rocky summit, subalpine meadows & gorgeous wild flowers, and views that extend a ways into the Cascade Range… apparently. We were hiking in a cloud all day and didn’t see the extended views.

Ryan’s been looking to show off Manning Park’s wild flowers for a few seasons now and this was the weekend to do it. The forecasted weather was ~17 degrees, a bit of rain in the morning, and overcast skies throughout the day. It ended up being quite a bit cooler, windy, and a bit more rainy. As for the wildflowers, they hadn’t quite peaked yet, but they were STUNNING and well worth the trip.

Read More